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Season 1 - Episode 1

Sep 14, 2005
Season 1 - Episode 1


Original Air Date:  September 13, 2005

Episode Name:  Pilot

Best Quote: "Take your brother outside as fast as you can. Don't look back. Now Dean!!"

Villain: Woman In White 

The show opens with Mary Winchester going to check on her young son but she is killed by something supernatural.  Her husband John finds her floating on the ceiling above baby Sam’s crib. As he watches in horror, she bursts into flames, lighting up the whole room. John hands the baby to four-year-old Dean, telling him to get out of the house while he tries to save his wife. He fails but manages to get himself and the boys out.

Present Day - 1983

Sam, now 22 years old and a student at Stanford University, has spent the evening at a Halloween party with his girlfriend, Jessica. In bed that night, he hears the sound of someone walking around the house. Getting up to investigate, he finds his brother Dean, who he hasn’t seen in two years. Dean explains that their father has gone missing while hunting a supernatural being.

He talks Sam in to going to look for their father and they travel to Jericho, CA, where they discover their father's journal in a motel.  Because of what they find in the journal, they start tracking the "Woman In White",  a ghost of a woman who drowned her own children and now kills good Samaritans while she is hitchhiking.  They finally manage to exorcise her, but Sam is anxious to get back to his college.  He goes home and his girlfriend meets the same fate as his mother; on the ceiling and bursting into flames.  Dean saves him the same as when they were little.  And so now they hunt.

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