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Esoteric Pentagram Pendant in Gold

An esoteric pentagram is often seen in the TV show Supernatural.  Here is the basic meaning: TETRA means four in Greek.GRAMMA means letter in Greek.TON is found in the Greek language...

On Sale $24
Regular Price:$46

Fake Tattoo Arm Sleeves for Guys or Goddesses Set of 6

Why go through the pain, when you can just slip on an arm tattoo and a bracelet or watch and people will have to get really close to know it's...

On Sale $13
Regular Price:$22

Buddhist Sri Yantra 'Image Under Glass Necklace

Sri Yantra Mandala is the most powerful sacred symbol used in India and Tibet for thousands of years. This symbol is known to usher in peace, prosperity, harmony and good luck....

On Sale $14
Regular Price:$22

Magic Witchcraft 'Image Under Glass" Necklace

Everyone will wonder what the meaning of this mystical necklace could be, but only you will know because the magic is different for each witch that wears it.   This...

On Sale $14
Regular Price:$22

Constellation Copper Pocket Watch

Finally, here a use for that extra little pocket on the front of your jeans.   Pocket watches are back in style and this one is extra special.  You can...

On Sale $30
Regular Price:$59

Folded Angel Wings Necklace for Guys or Goddesses

Wings are very important for angels since their condition affects their strength and abilities. Perhaps wearing this angel wing necklace will affect your strengths and abilities as well.  If nothing...

On Sale $19
Regular Price:$36

Golden Egyptian Pyramid with Eye Of Horus Necklace for Guys or Goddesses

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The third eye or all-seeing eye has been used in many cultures worldwide and is considered a powerful, spiritual symbol for...

On Sale $26
Regular Price:$49

Dragon or Cat Eye 'Image Under Glass' Necklaces - 6 Designs

Freak everyone out with these dramatic eye necklaces. They certainly are "eye-catching".   The pendants are 1" in diameter and the chain is 19" long. The eye is a picture...

On Sale $15
Regular Price:$28

Cat's Eye 'Image Under Glass' Necklace - 11 Different Styles

Give everyone "the eye". People won't know what to think when they see this around your neck.The pendants are 1" in diameter and the chain is 24" long. The eye...

On Sale $15
Regular Price:$28

Dragon and Cat Eye 'Image Under Glass' Necklaces

Freak everyone out with these dragon eye necklaces.  People won't know what to think. The pendants are 1" in diameter and the chain is 19", adjustable to 21" long.  The...

On Sale $15
Regular Price:$28

Pentagram Necklace in Silver or Gold

Pentagrams have had various meanings since the beginning of time.  They are mystical and magical and have protection powers for those who wear them.  Just ask Sam and Dean from...

On Sale $12
Regular Price:$72

Pentagram Pendant with Blue, Red, Black, Green, Purple or Amber Stones

Pentagrams have been mystical and magical symbols since the beginning of time. They can mean many different things, so you must find out for yourself what meaning it will hold for...

On Sale $15
Regular Price:$32

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